Paris Craft Beer: Find Craft Beer in the City of Light!

Paris is known for many things: its monuments, its culture, its monument, it history, and, of course, its wine. It’s certainly not the place one thinks of for great-tasting craft beer. But things are changing fast! Today, Paris is undergoing a beer renaissance, with microbreweries (microbrasseries, in French) opening throughout the city. At Paris Craft Beer you can explore where to find great craft beer in Paris! Paris Craft Beer: Brewberry

Like many places, the beer scene in Paris is dominated by a few big commercial players, generally selling flavorless lager. As the craft beer scene grows, more and more cafes and bars are offering a few locally-brewed artisanal beers. Yet each month, new stores, bars and restaurants are opening that provide a large selection of both local and European artisanal beer. This site is dedicated to helping visitors find those gems in the City of Lights! 

If you are looking for a list of craft beer venues check here: Microbreweries, Restaurants and Bars in Paris

Paris Craft Beer: Finding Craft Beer in the City of Light

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